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April 21, 2018 12pm Spirit of Faith Church Auction

April 21, 2018 12pm Spirit of Faith Church Auction

April 21, 2018 12pm Spirit of Faith Church Auction, 206 W 7th St. Woonsocket, SD

This is a live auction to be held at the church. The building is going to be torn down so the church will be auctioning most of the contents along with other items donated by Members. Items are not limited to the list below. Plan to attend!

Lunch will be served.


Items List – Partial list as some items may be added/changed


Shed to be moved

29 Folding chairs
7 heavy tables
3 small random tables
Basement piano
Chalk board
3 wooden cabinets
Little wood table under tv
Wooden high chair
Wooden cupboards by bathroom
Wooden cupboard in kitchen
Storage cabinet in bathroom
15 interior doors
Middle island in kitchen
11 Frosted windows in basement
Book shelf in the basement
Small shelf downstairs
2 Fuel oil furnaces
Fuel tank plus Fuel
125 wooden folding chairs (old)
Multiple random sized crosses
28 stained glass windows
2 double steel front doors
25 pews
Stained glass windows from Bethany Lutheran Church
Front church railings
2 small single pews
5 doors within sanctuary
Bi-folding patrician Door
1 pulpit and 1 lectern
2 Small wooden chairs
7 hanging light fixtures (old)
3 ceiling fans
Wooden storage cabinets (back of church upstairs)
Shelf in back of church
Handicap lift
Various old pictures
2 red chairs at the back
Metal office desk and chair
Computer desk
Desktop printer
Window air conditioner
Wall heater
(2) baptismal fonts
Two oscillating fans
Central air
Hot water heater
Double Oven w/flat top stove (barely used)

Other Donation Items:
From Vicki Linke: oak glider/rocker and framed print of Bethany Lutheran
From Jason Schultz: wooden shelf and wooden table built by Jason

Various Items donated from Members will be added




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  • Sandra Zoodsma -

    We took the stained glass windows from our church and had crosses made out of them for anyone who wanted one. Started out and had 50 made and ended with orders for over 700. Everyone wanted some. Just an idea for the church members who hate to see their church close.

  • Jim Hulbert -

    Any idea of the actual size of just the stained glass in the windows. Looks like they may fit in windows we have in our church but hard to tell from pictures

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